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Case study: UXUI Audit – Village Fund Mobile Application

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Case Study: UX/UI Audit of Village Fund Mobile Application

Case Study: UX/UI Audit of Village Fund Mobile Application by Morestudio

Executive Summary

Morestudio conducted a comprehensive UX/UI audit of the Village Fund Mobile application to enhance its usability and accessibility, tailored to the needs of villagers in Thailand, particularly the elderly with limited technical skills.


  • Audit Preparation: Define specific audit objectives focusing on key user transaction features.
  • User Persona Analysis: Understand target audience needs and limitations.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Evaluate using Nielsen’s usability heuristics, WCAG guidelines, performance assessments, and content clarity checks.
  • Feedback and Data Synthesis: Integrate user feedback and analytics to identify improvement areas.
  • Recommendations and Implementation: Provide actionable insights and a roadmap for enhancements.

Process Overview

  • User Personas: Analyze primary users, such as community leaders like Suchad Wimon, focusing on managing financial transactions efficiently and securely.
  • Score Report: Evaluate UX maturity and UI design quality based on user understanding, efficiency of use, visual hierarchy, and consistency.

Key Findings and Recommendations

  • User Understanding (2.5/5): Simplify language and provide contextual help.
  • Efficiency of Use (3/5): Streamline workflows and reduce transaction steps.
  • Visual Hierarchy (3/5): Enhance key actions' prominence with better use of color and size.
  • Consistency (4/5): Standardize minor inconsistencies in iconography and button styles.

KPIs for Benchmarking

  • Load Efficiency: Optimize images and cache content to improve load times.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Ensure clear and culturally appropriate icons paired with text for navigation.
  • Navigation Clarity: Make interactive elements and call-to-action buttons more prominent and intuitive.

Performance Analysis

The audit identified areas for improving usability and mobile interface dynamics, focusing on enhancing user experience through better color coding, clear interactive elements, and well-defined input fields.

Usability and User Flow Review

Flow Structure: Clear and intuitive form collection process for mandatory information.

User Experience: Positive overall with suggestions for more detailed error messaging, pre-validation guidance, real-time validation, and user support enhancements.

Recommendations for Improvement

  • Accessibility Optimization: Increase font sizes, adjust contrast, and enlarge touch targets.
  • Navigation and Usability Refinement: Streamline user journeys and improve error messaging.
  • Engagement and Feedback Enhancement: Introduce interactive tutorials, simplify feedback processes, and establish a quick response system for user queries.


Morestudio’s UX/UI audit of the Village Fund Mobile application provided detailed insights and actionable recommendations to enhance the app's usability and accessibility. These improvements aim to increase user engagement, especially among elderly users, ensuring the app remains relevant and user-friendly.

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