From Manual to Digital:Transforming Data Management for Thailand’s Village Fund

Business Analysis and BI Dashboard Development

The Village Fund faced significant challenges in collecting and managing data due to reliance on various channels, both manual and digital, which led to errors, inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency. Financial transactions and statements were often reported on paper, complicating the data management process. This made it difficult to utilize the data effectively and hindered the ability to make informed decisions.


Enhanced Transparency

The BI dashboard significantly improved data transparency, making it easier for the Village Fund to monitor and manage financial activities.


Simplified Budget Allocation

The dashboard facilitated more efficient budget allocation processes, such as approving budgets for loans and public projects.


Clear Standards for Budget Approval

Established clearer standards for budget approval, allowing for expedited processes if funds met the established criteria.


Thorough Business Analysis

Our detailed analysis ensured that the Village Fund's data was accurately collected, cleaned, and analyzed to provide valuable insights.


Effective Data Management

Improved data collection, cleaning, and analysis processes ensured high-quality and actionable data.


Visual Impact

The user-friendly BI dashboard enabled the Village Fund to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

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