Village Fund

Mobile Application design & Development for National Village and Urban community fund office

Project Overview

Embarked on an innovative project to digitalize the National Village and Urban community fund office, crafting a digital platform that simplifies financial transactions and management for villagers in Thailand, many of whom are senior citizens with minimal technological exposure. The project centered on developing a user-friendly mobile application tailored to the needs of villagers and village leaders, overcoming challenges related to financial literacy and technological reluctance.

Understanding our audience was crucial. We stepped into their world, acknowledging that our designs had to speak their language, resonate with their culture, and align with their technological landscape. We tailored our surveys to be linguistically and technologically accessible, ensuring no one was left behind in the conversation.


Designing the survey was an exercise in clarity and empathy. We balanced quantitative queries with qualitative questions, striving to capture not just data, but stories. Our questions delved into their financial habits, technological experiences, and hopes for a village funds application that could truly make a difference.

Pilot Testing: A Humble Beginning

Before we reached out to the wider community, we conducted a pilot test. This was a humbling experience that fine-tuned our approach, teaching us the nuances of communication and engagement in rural Thailand. Adjustments were made, ensuring our survey was not just understood, but also embraced.

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