Business Analyst

Job Highlights

  • Hybrid work, 5 days a week, flexible hours
  • 5 minutes from BTS Ari with free parking
  • We’re planning to move to Pier 111, opposite CT (Note: We’re planning to move to Pier 111, opposite CTW)


Key responsibilities

  • Collaborate with stakeholders (including current and potential clients) to gather, document, and analyze business requirements.
  • Evaluate existing business processes and systems to identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop comprehensive documentation (business requirements, user stories, functional specifications).
  • Manage relationships between More Studio and clients, proposing team-based solutions and ensuring effective communication.
  • Create presentations to showcase solutions and summarize client requirements.
  • Act as a liaison between the Dev Team and clients.
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to meet project objectives.
  • Provide ongoing support and communication throughout all project lifecycles.
  • Conduct data analysis supporting decision-making processes.

About the Role

We’re seeking an additional Business Analyst to join our team. Rest assured, you won’t be working alone; we already have a BA but are looking to expand our team. At More Studio, we’re not just focused on fulfilling client requirements. Our goal is to challenge ourselves and ensure that our products or solutions are top-notch, offering the best to our clients. Every team member is expected to take ownership and responsibility for the project throughout each iteration, from data collection and analysis to structuring customer experience, UX/UI design, technical design, and collaborating with clients across departments to deploy market-ready solutions. We continuously gather feedback for further improvements.


Our Commitment

When you join us, we’re committed to empowering you to create impactful work that shapes your professional career. We’re not just here for fun; we’re dedicated to advancing Thai businesses and society. While we’re not about flashy offices or frequent parties, we prioritize our employees’ well-being, ensuring high-quality work throughout their tenure. We’re authentic and hope you’ll bring the same authenticity to our team. Our expectation from everyone is to exceed their own limits and strive for excellence in every task.


About MoreStudio

At More Studio, we foster an environment that values creativity, collaboration, and excellence. Beyond just a team, we’re a community driven by a passion for technology and delivering exceptional results. Joining us means collaborating with industry experts, contributing ideas, and shaping the future of digital solutions. To explore further, visit us at


Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Social Security Coverage
  • Annual Outings
  • Yearly Bonus
  • Sick Leave, Personal Leave, and Vacation Days
  • Work Flex Hours
  • Remote Work Opportunities
  • Free Parking Area


Moving Forward

We’re in the decision process to relocate from Aree to Pier 111, situated opposite Central World.



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